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Loose Leaf Teas


Harmonic Arts Loose Leaf tea crafted herbal tea blends for a variety of common ailments.

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Thoughtfully crafted herbal tea blends for a variety of common ailments.

Digestive Power: Settling to Nausea, indigestion, and has. This blend is great before or after a meal. Helpful in
breaking down food and increasing assimilation.
Women’s Moon: This colourful and fragrant tea creates a harmonizing effect on the fluctuations of hormones
around the moon cycle.
Coastal Roots: A grounding and robust blend of blood and liver supporting herbs. This robust decoction is
designed to repair modern lifestyle damage.
Cleanse Blend: Gentle yet effective at removing toxins from the body. Working on the liver, kidneys, blood and
Chai: Caffeine free and full flavoured, this chai packs a punch, with the richness of premium spices
and hints of vanilla.
Thought Flow: This refreshing and clarifying tea is helpful with brain circulation, endocrine and nervous system
Woman with Child: A blend for the last half of pregnancy and after birth. Many of these herbs have traditionally
been used to help nurture the needs of both mother and child.
Throat Harmony: Soothing to inflamed mucus membranes of the throat, lungs and digestive tract. Has a rich
sweet flavour with a lemony zest.
Immune Boost: Protective and defensive from external pathogens. Helpful in fortifying the bodies fortress of
Relaxing Blend: Whether it’s nerves, restlessness, or sleep, this blend can help without leaving you feeling
groggy or over tired. Enjoy this botanical medley to clear and calm the mind.
Healthy Man: Empowering to the male cycle throughout all of life’s stages. Nourishing to the heart, adrenal
and kidneys, and sexual organs.
Tonic Immuni-tea: Fortifying and restorative to major energy centres in the body. Helpful in strengthening deep
immune health and body system harmony.
Lung Love: The herbs in this blend have traditionally been used to help deepen the flow of breath.
Kidney Klear: Calming and cooling to inflamed water ways of the body. Gently repairing filtration systems and
easing the elimination of toxins.
Atmospheri-Tea: This delightful and inspiring blend of flowers and mint can be spiced hot or enjoyed cold.

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Tea Varietal

Digestive Power (75g), Women's Moon (75g), Coastal Roots (100g), Cleanse Blend (75g), Chai (100g), Thought Flow (75g), Woman with Child (75g), Throat Harmony (100g), Immune Boost (100g), Lung Love (75g), Kidney Klear (75g), Healthy Man (100g), Atmospheri-tea (75g), Relaxing Blend (75g), Tonic Immuni-tea (100g)


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