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Bath Soaks


Midnight Paloma’s bath soaks are made in small batches with ingredients that are all natural and beneficial for healthy living. Available in Calming Bath Soak and Fizzy Bath Soak.



Calming Bath Soak: Midnight Paloma’s natural, calming milk soak is the perfect way to end the day. With a softening formula it features their hero ingredient: chamomile. This is a powerhouse antioxidant that will soothe and reduce irritation, plus soften your skin! Paired with geranium that helps calm inflammation, lavender that heals and bergamot which is naturally up-lifting this soak is a must for dry/sensitive skin. 8oz

Ingredients: Magnesium sulfate (epsom salt), Avena sativa (rolled oats), and/et essential blend/huile essentielles.

Fizzy Bath Soak: The natural fizzy soak will hydrate and invigorate after a long day. Get your detox from their hero ingredient charcoal. Use in the bath or as a foot soak. 8oz

Ingredients: Magnesium sulfate (epsom salt), sodium chloride (sea salt), Avena sativa (rolled oats), carbones (charcoal) and/et essential blend/huile essentielles.


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Bath Soak type

Calming (Chamomile + Geranium), Fizzy (Charcoal + Grapefruit)


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